Collect all the treasures of Aquitania in this addictive match-3 game!
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Aquitania exists halfway between your home and a dream. It is an unforgettable trip to a forgotten time where the trees are taller and the animals are less shy, if only for a second, and anyone with the will to explore may approach its tricks and games. But it takes something more than courage to enter here-some call it skill, but the Aquitanians call it compassion.

Upon entering, you will find a once idyllic world that has been troubled by a series of events both magical and mysterious. Can you help the crying priest? A heartbroken Princess? The friendly creatures of the Hatsun Nation?

To do so you must uncover and rebuild the priceless secrets that have been displaced for longer than most can remember. Some will be hidden under grasses and stones, but others may be in the hearts of those you'll meet. Will it be gold and jewels that drive you? Or to help those who need it most?

Many of the inhabitants will guide you along your way, but it will be up to you to pass each of the tests that await you in a place too special to be of our own. Solve puzzles. Discover lost towns. Save a people. Explore it all in Aquitania.Aquitania 1.0 is a puzzle game developed by AWEM Studio.
Aquitania 1.0 is a match-3 puzzle which strongly resembles Alchemist and Amazonia. In this game we must create matches of three similar items in a row by swapping items. To swap adjacent items we must click an item and then drag it to the desired position. We can see that under some items there are blue squares. The aim of the game is to get rid of all these blue squares. In order to do this we must create matches right over them. After cleaning all the blue squares from the game board, a gem will fall from above. To assemble the treasure we must lead the gem to the bottom of the screen. As soon as we do this we will get to the next level.
There are also several items throughout the game that will spice it a little. For example, by matching hammers we can fill up the hammer bar to get a special bonus.
Aquitania 1.0 is a full featured time limited demo version that will expire after 60 minutes of use. To keep on playing the game must be registered.

Jorge Tierno Alvite
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  • Great graphics and music


  • It strongly resembles Alchemist.
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